Kerim Fuad QC

Call 1992 / Silk 2010

“Legal 500, 2019 – Leading Silk”

About Kerim Fuad QC

Called in 1992 / Appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2010

Legal 500 2017 recognises Kerim as a ranked QC for Terrorism and Knife Murder Cases. 

Listed in “Who’s Who.”

“First Class, I can say no more”

Martin Harvey, Partner, Angela Porters

“You’re blxxdy excellent at what you do and you do it with swag” 

FC, Murder Client.

“Thorough and meticulous in preparation, a charming advocate and a joy to work with…”

Peter Woodley, Partner, St James solicitors.

“Kerim delivered, in defence of his client, one of the most powerful and eloquent closing arguments I have ever seen”

Public Defender, USA

“Kerim Fuad QC’s supreme mastery of the evidence is only surpassed by his ability to charm jurors and judges alike.  He combines being  the father of the house at the central criminal court with  an extremely approachable and down to earth character who leaves clients with an unvarnished understanding of their predicament and a sense of relief that they are represented by the man to get them out of it.”

Sean Longley of GT Stewart Solicitors.

Kerim Fuad QC is Head of Church Court Chambers and the former Leader of the South Eastern Circuit. He is the first choice highly experienced defence silk for instructing solicitors’ high-profile, sensitive and most difficult cases.

Kerim is a QC who is prepared to roll up his sleeves and fight fearlessly for his clients. His win rate is breathtaking and is second to none. He has been described as an “ingenious” barrister with a unique ability to relate effortlessly with juries. The court trusts him.
Kerim Fuad QC was the elected Leader of the South Eastern Circuit for 2017 and 2018, a reflection of the esteem with which his peers and the senior judiciary view him.
Kerim is regularly instructed in high-profile, complex and sensitive cases, for example the murder of Damilola Taylor, “the Exeter Bomber”, “the Three Cooks Bakery” murder “the Clockwork Orange” murder, the Uber Driver wife murderer, to name but a few.
Kerim’s extraordinary energy, humanity and compulsive attention to detail means that he enjoys great success in defending his trials.

Accordingly he has regular success in huge fraud trials, including by way of example the largest fraud against the NHS to date. He recently represented the main defendant in a 3 month fraud alleged against deaf charities, a complex allegation of cheating the revenue matter at the Old Bailey. He was also counsel in of the largest European human trafficking cases ever.
He is also an Environmental law specialist, working for Thames Water.
Since taking silk Kerim has developed a practice of back to back murder, terrorism, serious sexual abuse and fraud trials, nearly exclusively at the Old Bailey, where he has been described by a resident judge as “the father in the house.”
Kerim has a wealth of past experience prosecuting crime (in particular sexual abuse) at all levels. This gives him a huge insight into the need to protect and understand the needs of vulnerable witnesses. The combination of his empathy, determined and sensitive approach led to great success which later formed the template for his highly astute trial tactics.

He was chosen to work on both National and Local “Better Case Management” Committees in a bid to improve the quality of the experience facing all court users. In particular those who are the most disadvantaged and who naturally can find the crown court an oppressive, daunting and scary place to appear. He hopes to help break down those boundaries.

Kerim is specialist vulnerable witness trained. He has a vast deal of experience in dealing with and obtaining the immediate trust of young and challenging clients and prosecution witnesses. His experience of mental health cases, especially unfitness to plead, defences of insanity and diminished responsibility is second to none.

Kerim has built a first class reputation for winning. He thrives on difficult cases and securing acquittals against the odds, in the face of seemingly the strongest of evidence.
This is why he is one of a small group of QCs who are regularly instructed to defend the most serious cases in the country at the Old Bailey.
He is renowned for his ability to cross-examine experts on complex forensic evidence, and is often instructed in murder cases which demand his understanding of forensic pathology and cell site analysis. He is an outstanding jury advocate who has an innate ability to bring warmth and humour to even the most sensitive of cases. He is renowned for his passionate and persuasive opening and closing speeches.
Kerim is highly regarded for his meticulous attention to detail and he values the importance of having Queen’s Counsel on board from the earliest opportunity and regularly insists on seeing clients in conference to reassure them even before a representation order for Silk is granted.

Kerim accepts instructions in all criminal and international matters and has been instructed by leading magic circle firms, to provide his criminal and regulatory expertise.

Kerim has long had an interest in international law and the benefit to be gained in learning from other legal jurisdictions and forging close cultural ties. Kerim was born in Kampala, Uganda and has lived in Hong Kong; he is of Cypriot heritage.
Kerim proudly Co- founded and Co- Chairs “the Cypriot Lawyers’ Society.”

In March 2018 he was specifically chosen by the British High Commissioner to teach advocates in Cyprus and harmonise relations between the two communities. He made strong associations with both Chief Justices there and met their respective judiciaries.

Having fled Uganda as a refugee in the 1970s, he understands better than most the difficulties displacement and isolation can bring.
He has provided a detailed paper to assist the Law Commission on its consultation on the law of Insanity and Automatism. Furthermore he has helped in the response to the Law Commission’s consultation on “Misconduct in Public Office.”
In November 2016 he was the only QC in the country to be selected to visit the Scottish High Court and attend the Scottish CBA Conference.
There he was privileged to give  a detailed talk on “Registered Intermediaries- The Theory in Practice in England and Wales.” He has developed strong ties with the Dean and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Advocates.
From 2012 to 2016 Kerim Fuad QC was an active member of the Executive of the Criminal Bar Association.
He was the appointed Chair of the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Bar Mess from 2013 to 2016.
Kerim is a qualified Advocacy trainer for the Middle Temple.
He has also been a pupil supervisor for 18 years.
Kerim Fuad QC believes that with the right positive mindset anything can be achieved.
“Do the right thing, not the easy thing.”


Experience and Instructions


Current Instructions
R v AS and others – Murder- Old Bailey

R v FK – Murder – Old Bailey

R v CD and another- Murder – Old Bailey

R v DB and 9 others – Murder- Old Bailey

Environment- Thames Water- Oxford Crown Court

Cases of note

R v F-D I and others – Old Bailey – November 2018 – January 2019

Kerim Fuad QC maintained his unique and extraordinary run of 10 acquittals in his last 11 homicide trials, at the Old Bailey.
He led Edward Boateng-Addo, also of Church Court Chambers, successfully representing Mr I who had allegedly played a key role in planning Mr S’s brutal killing with axe handles. He had followed and passed the deceased’s red car 13 times in a space of a few minutes whilst constantly on the phone for just under half an hour and reporting the movements of the deceased’s car to the driver of another car.
The multi handed trial ran from early November culminating with their client’s acquittal today.
The first 2 defendants were unanimously convicted of murder, another of manslaughter. Another defendant was also acquitted.

Kerim was instructed by Ebenezer Madeinlo of Hanson Woods Solicitors.

R v DB and others – Old Bailey – September – November 2018

Kerim Fuad QC’s extraordinary run of Murder Acquittals continues
On 31st October 2018, after a 7 week trial at his home court, the Old Bailey, Kerim Fuad QC’s client, D.B was unanimously acquitted of Murder.
D was a 17 year old who was clearly captured on cctv running with a large knife in Logan Place W8 in a chasing pack of 20 young men who were chasing down a man, LB who was then, as the crown put it, “butchered” defenceless on the pavement.
His client was also remarkably acquitted of manslaughter and violent disorder.

It was the 9th acquittal Mr Fuad QC has secured in his last 10 trials.

He was leading James Hasslacher and instructed by Deborah Spence of Banks and Partners Solicitors

R v FK – Murder – Old Bailey – July 2018

Kerim Fuad QC secures another Murder acquittal.
After a fascinating and extraordinary trial at Old Bailey that ran some 6 weeks, the jury unanimously acquitted FK of Murder but convicted her of manslaughter. The case widely reported by the media.
The defence case not helped by the client who had taken a video and photo of deceased dying on pavement which she posted with the words “that’s what you get for fxcking with me.”
She also fabricated documents in the middle of giving her evidence.

Kerim Fuad QC led Kevin Molloy of Church Court Chambers. They were instructed by Attiq Malik of Liberty Law.



R v AS and others – Murder – Old Bailey – May 2018

Kerim Fuad QC wins again
Mr Fuad QC’s winning streak continued. The jury at the Old Bailey unanimously acquitted AS on counts of murder and also manslaughter as a lesser alternative.
The incident arose over a £20 drug debt in Plashet Park in East Ham on 15th October 2017. AS’s case was that he threw one punch at a man who he thought was an aggressor and then withdrew from the incident. Another stabbed the deceased who died at the scene from a single wound to the heart.

Kerim Fuad QC was leading Robert Newcombe. They were instructed by Mahomed Ismail of MFI Law, Solicitors.


R v D. L and others – Old Bailey – Murder. February 2018

After a hard fought six week trial at the Old Bailey, Kerim Fuad QC and Fiona McAddy’s client, DL was the only one of the 5 defendants to be acquitted of Murder & Manslaughter. DL was unanimously acquitted.

In what was one of his toughest cutthroat defences to date, Mr Fuad QC exposed the first 3 defendants’ lies, that their client DL was in the culprit car that went to the murder and whom was alleged by all to have played a lead part in the brutal and fatal knife attack on young Jermaine Goupall.

This was in spite of DL getting a text shortly before the murder saying;

“Get your nank we going 7.” 7 was a reference to “CR7” another part of Croydon with whom the gang who lived in “CRO” postcode had historical issues of taunting and violence.

Complex issues relating to a co-defendant’s bad character dominated the case, and Mr Fuad QC’s powerful and incisive cross examination based in part around the fruits of the application decimated the accounts of the co-defendants, and critically, augmented the Crown’s case against them.

Mr Fuad QC was the only silk to make a defence opening speech which firmly laid the foundation for their defence and took the sting out of the case against his client.

He was instructed by Tim Edwards of Edwards Vaziraney.

R v S.H and others – Luton Crown Court -Rape and Misconduct in Public Office. December 2017.

Mr Fuad QC represented the main defendant a Serco detention officer, Mr H, who was accused of very serious counts of rape and sexual assault of a female detainee at Yarlswood detention centre in Clapham, Bedfordshire.

In addition his client faced an allegation of misconduct in a public office.

In this high profile and complex trial Mr Fuad QC managed to thoroughly discredit the complainant’s account over two days by his incisive, sensitive but powerful cross examination.

The allegations had hung over his client who was of impeccable character for over 5 years. His attention to detail and painstaking research into thousands of pages of material, comprising years of Serco and Home Office reports lead to a hugely focused and ultimately compelling cross examination of the complainant.

His trademark opening speech set the tone from which the crown’s case never truly recovered.

Kerim Fuad QC was leading Matthew Kirk instructed by Cartwright King Solicitors.

R v S.E – Coventry Crown Court – Rape. October 2017

Kerim Fuad QC succeeded yet again in university rape case.

Mr Fuad QC represented a young man accused of the rape of a fellow University student. After a trademark opening speech by Mr Fuad QC, straight after the crown’s opening, and his meticulous cross examination (which was praised by the Judge for its sensitivity) Mr Fuad QC exposed the complainant’s account.

Mr Fuad QC’s client who was a young man of impeccable good character, had given a complete and consistent account from the moment of his arrest that all sexual contact was consensual. He could not have assisted the investigation more.

Unusually and a first for the very experienced trial Judge, the trial did not even get to half time as the crown in the exceptional circumstances of this case, simply had no choice but to offer no evidence after the cross examination had concluded. The Judge directed the jury who happily found him not guilty.

Mr Fuad QC complimented his opponent in open court for the sensible decision he initiated, making plain how important it is that the independent Bar prosecute these sensitive and complex matters.

Mr Fuad QC was instructed by Steve Halloran of Lawtons Solicitors.

R v K.M and another – Old Bailey – Murder. July 2017.

Another successful acquittal in a complex Murder trial, this time before HHJ Bevan QC at the Central Criminal Court. The victim had been stabbed at least 12 times in a senseless act of gratuitous violence; the motive inferred as revenge for the victim having dared “mess with the wrong people”. The defendant, K.M, an accepted road related (gang related) young man, was the owner of the car that carried the killers to the scene; the number plate having been noted down by an off duty police officer. The defendant was later positively identified on an ID procedure by an independent eye witness as being one of the two killers. When arrested the defendant’s face was half burnt – the car carrying the killers had been set on fire. Further, the defendant’s phone had ceased all contact with the co-defendant after the time of the murder.

The jury acquitted K.M after the evidence, although seemingly compelling on its face, had been carefully dissected by the defence.

The co-defendant was convicted of Murder and was sentenced to a life imprisonment with a minimum term of 26 years.

Mr Fuad QC was instructed by Tim Edwards of Edwards Vaziraney and Co.

R v L – Kingston Crown Court – Attempted Murder. March 2017

An unusual case where the victim was stabbed repeatedly following a heated exchange over a trivial parking matter. The allegation was that the defendant, having had a fight with the victim on his doorstep, retreated to his house and retrieved a kitchen knife. After a few moments he was then captured on CCTV running through the cul-de-sac where both parties lived. Whilst the victim was sat in his car, unarmed, trapped by his seatbelt and sitting next to his partner, the defendant stabbed repeatedly through the open window, causing “devastating and life changing injuries.”

The case was unusual in that the defendant’s evidence was that he simply could not remember what had happened – one moment he was at his front door with the victim, the next he was standing with a knife with people screaming at him that he had stabbed someone. The Crown argued that there was a clear intent to kill in that the defendant had said, as he went to get the kitchen knife; “Just watch what is going to happen next.” He then plunged the knife repeatedly into the victim and had told officers soon afterwards that he “had seen red mist”. He also made other unhelpful remarks noted by police officers. By good fortune and the commendable work of paramedics the victim survived, albeit being in a coma and sustaining life changing injuries. He spent many months in hospital. The added complexity to the case was that the defendant’s previous firm of solicitors withdrew having unusually breached legal privilege. As such the entire former legal team withdrew only a few days before the trial was scheduled to commence. The Learned Judge, HHJ Dodgson recognised that this unusual case deserved the attention of Queen’s Counsel – Kerim Fuad QC and Colin Witcher were instructed. The trial had in the first instance to be adjourned in October 2016 and the jury discharged, Counsel rightly not being satisfied that the case had been fully prepared by the original legal team and that critical matters of disclosure remained outstanding. The trial then took place this week and after a five day trial the jury took only an

hour and a half to unanimously find the defendant “not guilty” of Attempted Murder.

Kerim Fuad QC took the decision to make a robust and persuasive opening speech which helped quell much of the fire of prosecution counsel’s speech.

The defendant had earlier pleaded guilty to section 18.

Press: ITV: Standard:

Counsel were instructed by Karmenah Vaziraney, Partner at Edwards Vaziraney

R v J – Old Bailey – November 2016

The Uber driver murder.

Mr L googled how to stab his wife in the most painful way hours before he did so, inflicting many stab wounds.

He was instructed by George Kampanella of EBR Attridge and Co

R v E.S and others – Bristol Crown Court – May 2016

Kerim Fuad QC’s client was acquitted of Murder in triple stabbing incident.

After a two month Murder trial before the Honourable Mr Justice Openshaw, the jury unanimously acquitted Mr Fuad QC’s client, E.S of both Murder and S.18.

E.S was one of the main defendants and was caught on a covert prison van recording, confessing to not only ‘not knowing whether he

had licked the victim’ but also shouting ‘Get the Ting,’ at the time they were alleged by eye witnesses to have gone to the boot of the car to obtain the murder weapons.

Two of the co-defendants were convicted JB of both Murder and S.18, and ND convicted of S.18. The rest were acquitted.

Kerim Fuad QC led Ray Tully of Guildhall Chambers.

He was instructed by Damon Whitlow and Emily Evans of Allen Hoole Solicitors, Bristol