Lewis Power QC

Call 1992 / Silk 2010

“Legal 500, 2019 – Leading Silk”


About Lewis Power QC

Call 1990 / Silk 2011

Lewis is a formidable advocate who since taking silk has established a reputation as a leading practitioner in complex Jury trials. His practice areas include criminal fraud litigation, fraud, money laundering, bribery & corruption, offshore & international, murder & manslaughter, terrorism, and war crimes.

Recognised for his market-leading, strategic approach, Lewis combines intellect with a friendly manner which instils confidence in all who instruct him, both professional and lay clients alike. He is referred to as an “unrivalled cross-examiner”, where his style is said to be “nothing short of brilliant”. Lewis is regularly instructed in heavyweight criminal proceedings involving fraud and regulatory cases with an international dimension, and for those which are particularly complex requiring prompt judgement. His previous cases have ranged from the infamous Grobelaar match fixing case to the London terrorist bombing trials.


Legal 500 2018 : Ranked QC

Lewis Power QC – Church Court Chambers ‘A strong trial tactician, he is devilishly effective in front of a jury.


Chambers Commentary (UK Bar) 2017

Lewis Power QC of Church Court Chambers  Prominent criminal barrister known for his handling of complex international cases relating to regulation, fraud, rape and murder. Sources commend his ability to manage and reassure clients in highly sensitive proceedings.  Strengths: “The epitome of a modern silk. He is approachable, naturally charming and engaging, with a work ethic that is second to none. His client care skills leave the most apprehensive clients firmly reassured. His cross-examination is effortless and even in the most hopeless of cases, he fights tenaciously for the client and leaves no avenue unconsidered.”  Recent work: Appeared in R v Miles Headley, a high-profile attempted murder case linked to gang violence in south London.


Lewis Power QC is part of our experienced and highly acclaimed team advising and representing clients at all stages and at every level of the regulatory process, including advice on compliance with regulation and at all stages of investigation and prosecution of regulatory offences, and advice on enforcement and improvement notices in all areas of regulation.

Corporate Manslaughter has been at the forefront of regulatory lawyers’ minds for several years. Lewis Power QC has regularly been involved in the provision of seminars to both professional and lay clients, providing opinion about the law as it was predicted to be enacted, and subsequently into the effect of the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act once it came into force.

Lewis has regularly defended the full range of Health & Safety offences and has appeared and advised in a number of high profile cases at the Central Criminal Court :R v Yousoff and in Lewes Crown Courts : R v Barnett and R v H ).

He has particular experience and expertise relating to construction cases, R v H becoming involved in cases at an early stage and has often provided advice in relation to compliance issues.

Lewis has advised and represent those involved in all types of construction accidents including:

  • Construction, Design and Management issues.
  • Falls from height on construction sites.
  • Structural collapse during construction or demolition
  • Asbestos contamination
  • Environmental waste and Landfill sites.
  • In terms of Health and Safety at work Lewis has successfully defended prosecutions brought by HSE and local authorities relating to all aspects of workplace safety, both as it affects the employer’s own workforce and as it impacts upon the members of the public served or affected by the employer’s undertaking, and whether the accused is the business as a whole or an individual employee said to be at fault.
  • Types of accident covered include:
  • Falls through and from fragile roofs and elsewhere from a height in the workplace ( Corporate manslaughter defending company Mead Contractors Ltd re death of Stephen Bonner ).
  • Slips, trips and falls.
  • Workplace transport ( notably an employee fatality Corporate Manslaughter with Eastbourne Buses ).
  • Mechanical failure, especially in manufacturing and factory
  • Retail, with safety representation and advice offered for and against national retailers ( Next fatality – Bicester Outlet Village ).

Lewis’ work includes complex cases concerning companies, public authorities and individuals in cases involving fatalities in the workplace. He also does a large amount of inquest work and enforcement notice appeals. He is currently advising in a case concerning environmental issues in respect of the large-scale disposal of controlled waste and land-fill tax schemes.

He has considerable experience in representing clients in a range of tribunals especially medical and sports matters ( Osteopathic General Council and UKAD – famous Cyclists; boxers ) where he combines his expertise of robust courtroom advocacy and thorough case preparation to secure favourable results.


Lewis is regularly instructed to advise and represent companies, organisations and individuals at inquest His expertise has also recently been sought in one of the largest public enquiries in the UK to date.


A former lecturer in International law at Birbeck College University of London, Lewis was appointed Officer to War Crimes Committee of International Bar Association from Jan 2015. Lewis is on the International Bar Association’s War Crimes Committee as the Conference Coordinator. He is moderating at the Peace Palace at the Hague in January 2016 at the Conference on Legal Challenges to Modern Warfare chairing the session on “Peacekeepers Responsibilities and Liabilities in Conflict Zones”.

He is regularly instructed in heavyweight criminal proceedings involving fraud and regulatory cases with an international dimension, and for those which are particularly complex requiring prompt judgement. His specialisms also include murder, conspiracy to murder, attempted murder and rape cases. Recent instructions have also included the two major cases witnessing the new slavery crime being charged, the first of their kind in 200 years. Admitted as Defence lead Counsel to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) Counsel List. The STL is said to constitute in effect the World’s First International Terrorism Court.



Lewis regularly acts for a number of high profile sports personalities and is notably currently advising and acting for the World Professional Boxing Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury. He has a particular expertise in both regulatory/disciplinary matters and also criminal investigations affecting sports men/women. Lewis has a stable of high profile clients from across the sporting world and notably has acted recently for premiership footballers, boxers, jockeys and international rugby players in both a regulatory and criminal capacity.

He acted in the first ever football fixing trial ( R-v Grobbelaar & others ) ; has advised professional jockeys before the Jockey Club and has acted recently in respect of extant Anti-Doping matters before the National Anti-Doping Panel Tribunal.


Full member of Association of Defence Counsel before ICTY (International Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia), Northern Irish Bar, Criminal Bar Association, Sussex Bar Mess, International Bar Association, Approved Football Association Lawyer, Member of North American Forum and War Crimes Forums.


“The Changing Face of International Law” – Counsel magazine – England & Wales – February 2015.

“Slavery & Trafficking – An International Criminal Epidemic” – IBA – December 2013 ; “21st Century Slavery: Hidden in Plain Sight” – Lead Article in Counsel Magazine – England & Wales – February 2014.

“Call to Arms”: A Paper on behalf of the North American Forum dealing with issues of International Criminal Justice: 2013 International Bar Association.



Crime Cases
Lewis Power QC has had a remarkable string of successes in 2017 starting with a land-breaking decision in the Northern Ireland Divisional Court with a successful Judicial Review in what is now the leading search warrant case of R v O’Neill.

In the Crown Court he achieved notable acquittals in the following cases :

R –v- Petraglia (2017) – Southwark Crown Court – Defendant acquitted on all charges in 3 month money laundering trial involving Multi-Million Pound alleged Italian Mafia linked Bureau de Change Fraud and linked tax avoidance case.

R –v- C ( 2017) – Inner London Crown Court – Defendant acquitted on Marital Rape case after submissions on disclosure forced Crown to offer to offer no evidence – ground-breaking case as to disclosure in sex cases.

R –v- DC ( 2017) Lewes Crown Court – Acquitted in University Rape Case.

R –v- Mitchell ( 2017) – Lewes Crown Court – Acquitted of Murder in Multi-handed murder trial – after successful submission of no case to answer at close of Prosecution case.

R –v Cash (2017) – Guildford Crown Court – Defendant acquitted on all charges in Modern Day Slavery Case.

R—v- Sadler ( 2017 ) – Cardiff Crown Court – Defendant acquitted on Murder Charges – daughter had killed father in house fire and found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Past Cases

R v D ( 2016 ) – Chichester Crown Court : Historical Sex abuse case by carer on children and separate Adult Rape Allegations – acquitted on all charges.

R v Meade ( 2015) – Lewes Crown Court – Paedophile ring familial sex abuse trial- representing vulnerable Defendant.

R v – X ( 2015) – Belfast Crown Court – Paramilitary case – Attempted Murder/Perverting the Course of Justice.

R v Miles Headley– Instructed on high profile case focused on the rivalry between prolific south london gangs. National newspapers ran features on the prevalence of such gangs which are responsible for some of the worst crimes committed in recent years by organised gangs in the capital. Defendant cleared of two attempted murders.

R v Steven Miles– Instructed on the dexter copy-cat murder case where a teenager fascinated with the hit tv show “dexter” murdered his 17 year old girlfriend in a sadistic fashion. Overview as to applicability of defence of diminished responsibility and brain disorders.

R v Sandland – Instructed in “Assassins Creed Baby Murder” case. Huge media coverage across national headlines in extraordinary baby shaking case with medical complications for both baby and Defendant, who required 29 medical experts for assessment.

R v Khan [2014] – Conspiracy to murder; hired assassins; defendant acquitted

R v RH [2014] – Multi-handed murder of homeless man; defendant acquitted of murder

R v Nichols [2014] – Complex murder trial at the Old Bailey; new defence of “loss of control”; acquitted of murder

R v Haskell [2013] – Trial of one of oldest historic rape cases in UK dating back half a century; Defendant acquitted

R v Vijashinghe [2013] – Multi-handed, 6 defendant, Sri-Lankan Gang related murder trial at Old Bailey; representing only defendant to be acquitted

R v JC & others [2013] EWCA Crim 368 ; First judgment of Court of Appeal by Lord Chief Justice on new slavery offences; Lewis Power QC leading 4 Junior counsel

R v Tommy Connors [2013] – The first ever prosecution of the new offences of “Slavery” under the Coroners & Justice Act 2009; acquitted all charges at re-trial

R v Brida Connors [2012-2013] – Representing only female defendant in Irish Traveller slavery case

R v Denford [2013] – Church of England Vicar with historic sexual abuse allegations within Church

R v El-Kurd [2013] – Largest money laundering case involving Bureau de Change in UK to date; involving laundering of approximately £200 Million.

R v W & W[2013] – Representing defendant in million pound bank factoring fraud & building construction fraud

R v Teke [2013] – Attempted murder by youth in racially motivated campaign

R v Topping [2012] – “The Missing Body Murder Case”; representing only defendant to be acquitted

R v Harris [2012] – Sophisticated fraud on law firm by employee

R v Biliniewicz [2012] – Murder of wife case where defendant advanced “morbid delusional jealousy” as partial defence re diminished responsibility

R v Sole [2012] – Baseball bat murder

R v-M [2012] – National art fraud conspiracy

R v Shephard & Steele [2011] -Serious Fraud Office (SFO) international prosecution where some 22 Million Euros were dishonestly appropriated by the Defendant

R v Megan Smith [2011] – Multi-million pound international identity fraud

R v Wasim Sheikh [2011] – A complex conspiracy to defraud the O2 Telecommunications Network by way of an International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)

R v Mike Zur [2011] Murder – one of the first murder cases under the new legislation re partial defence for murder in diminished responsibility cases;defendant was putting forward “Alcohol Dependency Syndrome “as diminished responsibility defence

R v Simon Gold [2011] – Murder; manslaughter contrary to the common law and one count of administering a poison or noxious substance so as to endanger life, contrary to section 23 of the OAPA 1867; defendant giving a lethal heroin injection

R v Lambeth [2011] – Manslaughter; cyclist road rage

R v Abdelgadir & Others [2008] London terrorist bombings case where only 1 out of 2 defendants acquitted

R v M [2007] Leading Counsel in the “Adams Family” gangland case “Operation Trinity”; joint Police and MI5 case quoted as the biggest corruption case to come before the UK Courts; acted as leading counsel and secured acquittal for family Accountant


Offshore & International Cases

  • R v Cheddi– Acted for the first Defendant in this International Fraud case which involved the infamous Indian Corporate Giant Company Sahara India Pariwar. Secured the acquittal of the Defendant. Highly complex and novel case involving International Corporate Fraud on a huge scale and where the Crown acknowledged that this case involved concepts of “International Capacity Building” on money laundering and cash smuggling with recent foreign deployments and also and most crucially “Alternative Remittance Systems and Informal Value Transfer Systems” such as Hawala.