Michael Fullerton

Called 1990

About Michael Fullerton

Called in 1990

Michael Fullerton was admitted to the Victorian Supreme Court as a Barrister and Solicitor in 1981. He practised as a solicitor until 1986 when he signed the Bar Roll of Victoria and was admitted to the Inner Temple as a Barrister in 1990.

Able and versatile Australian barrister with 35 years’ experience as defence jury advocate and civil practitioner covering an extensive range of both criminal and civil law including a variety of appellate cases in crime, civil and judicial review.

His civil practice includes advising and litigating on behalf of an array of international  clients. His case authorities cover personal injury, common law procedure, commercial law and criminal law.

He is registered and conducted many cases on Direct Access and is also a Qualified Mediator.


Personal Injury Quantum Reports


1982: Admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

1990: Called to the Bar of England and Wales.

PRACTICE; Established practitioner of both crime defence and civil law.

Direct Access: Registered and accepted both criminal and civil cases.

Mediator: Qualified August 2008.


Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Inner Temple
SE Circuit
Sussex Bar Mess



Recorded Cases

Williams v Fisher (1998) Kemp & Kemp, The Quantum of Damages Vol. 3 F2-001 (Leading case on whiplash injury);

Miles v McGregor (23/1/98) QBENI 97/0426/E, C.A. (want of prosecution)

Langford v Hebran [2001] EWCA Civ 361; [2001] PIQR Q13 (loss of chance)

Parker v TUI [2009] EWCA Civ 1261 (toboggan accident)

Systemcare (UK) ltd. v Service Design Technology Ltd. & Sharif [2011] EWCA Civ 546 (Costs of company awarded against Director)

R v James Gray [2013] EWHC 500 (Admin) (Animal Welfare)

R v Manh Toan Dang [2014] EWCA Crim 348 (Industrial scale production of cannabis)

R (on Appn of RSCPA) v Colchester Mags Ct & D. Fuller & P Shelldrake [2015] EWHC 1418 (Admin) (unlawful use of warrant)

Recent Criminal Defence

R v A – Reading Crown Court – Attempted murder – Complex case involving multiple experts on injuries, weapon, glass, CCTV identifying vehicle, cell site and mobile phone evidence.
R v O – Peterborough Crown Court – Historic rapes and ABH. Acquitted on rapes.
R v B – Bristol Crown Court. Leading Ms. Chiara Maddocks. 8-week carbon credit fraud. Six hander, conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to convert criminal property. Voluminous commercial, financial and digital evidence, expert evidence and over 50 lay witnesses. Acquitted on both charges.
R v P – Robbery with firearm and burglaries – Acquitted on all three counts.
RSPCA v W – s.8 Animal Welfare Act offences re organised dog fighting –
R v C – Hove Crown Court – Conspiracy to produce cannabis – Cut-throat three-hander. DNA, fingerprint and satellite navigation evidence.
R v E – Oxford Crown Court – s18 GBH. Suspended sentence and compensation order.
R v W – East Croydon Crown Court – Benefit Fraud, Suspended sentence.
R v C – Cambridge Crown Court – Sexual assaults – Acquitted on both charges.
R v T – Isleworth Crown Court – Possessing criminal property. Acquitted.
R v S – Luton Crown Court – Aggravated burglary, false imprisonment and robbery. Firearms, knives. Acquitted on all charges.
R v M – Harrow Crown Court – Theft of BMW removed beyond EU. Trial 1 – hung jury. Trial 2 – Acquitted.
R v A – Aylesbury Crown Court – Affray, Offensive Weapon, Damaging Property. Absent witness, Hearsay evidence successfully excluded. Three hander. Acquitted.
R v W – Croydon Crown Court – Acting in breach of Restraining Order – Acquitted.
R v A – Southwark Crown Court – PWIT – 5 counts of class A and having article with blade – Secured agreement for reduced indictment and sentence.
R v H – Harrow Crown Court – s.18 and s.20 GBH. Secured agreement for ABH & suspended sentence.
R v P – Lewes Crown Court – Arson – Fitness to plead enquiry – capacity to form intent.
R v D – St. Albans Crown Court – Burglary & Theft – secured agreement to Theft only – penalty of fine.
R v R – Guildford Crown Court – Burglary, Damaging Ppty and Theft – Secured agreement to amended indictment re damaging ppty only. Community Order and Restraining Order.
R v M – Wood Green Crown Court – PWIT –Various Class A & B – Community Order and suspension of curfew.
R v M – Central Criminal Court – Making indecent photos of child – Cats A, B & C. Possessing extreme photographs. Expert report obtained and at trial prosecution offer no evidence.
R v H – Birmingham Crown Court – S.18 GBH and ABH. Secured agreement for Affray.
R v K – Kingston Crown Court – Affray – suspended sentence.
R v S – Lewes Crown Court – POCA hearing.
R v T – Leicester Crown Court – Two separate counts of Dangerous Driving – hung jury on one count.
R v L – Kingston Crown Court – ABH and having offensive weapon – Acquitted on both counts.
R v T – Leicester Crown Court – Putting person in fear of violence by harassment, breach of Non-Molestation Order, ABH, Dangerous Driving. Secure agreement to harassment count only.
R v K – Guildford Crown Court – PWIT – Class A. Secure agreement to possession only.
R v V – Central Criminal Court – ABH – Exclusion of hearsay evidence and BWV – Acquitted.

Civil Law

S – Brighton County Court – Upper limb work related claim – settled for Claimant.
S – Central London County Court – Resulting and Constructive property claim against family member. Claim succeeds.
SA – County Court at Clerkenwell – Setting aside default judgment.
ETS – Rolls Court – Insolvency – Director’s Disqualification.
KK & CT – Brentford CC. Defending Dogbite claim.
OF – Rolls Court – Companies Court. Part 7 and Part 8 claims. International Share purchase agreement & cross-application. Application to re-open previous High Court judgment and various costs orders successfully defended against Leading Counsel.
FPM – Central London County Court – Appeal under s.214 Housing Act 2004 for failing to protect deposit. Secured massive reduction of claimed costs.
DOO – Central London County Court – Infant settlement including substantial award for gratuitous care by friend of family.
DE – Royal Court of Justice – PI work related injury claim. Complex medical history.
AH – Royal Court of Justice – Family Division – Opposing Local Authority Application for Contempt of Court. Application dismissed with costs.
EN – RCJ – Court of Appeal – Opposing Appeal against Order dismissing claim for defamation. Appeal dismissed.

Business Crime
Fraud involving summary judgment against fraudulent accountant, Freezing Orders and Injunction involving firms of solicitors, fraud and restitution concerning national company, Insolvency and bankruptcy.
Litigation regarding contractual disputes, building and construction, shareholding and directorships, international drilling contracts.
Litigation against multi-national oil companies in Niger delta.